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Joel T. Lohafer

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Pastor Joel has been blessed to be married to his wife Annie for 34 years and they have three grown children: Jessica, Andrew and Elisabeth. He loves being a pastor, and especially enjoys visiting members of the congregation and getting to know people in the community! His sermons are down to earth, easy to understand and relevant to daily life. He has been in the ministry a little over 27 years and believes there is a place for everyone in the church. In his spare time Pastor Joel likes to go to Cubs games, drink countless cups of coffee and warily cheer for the Packers. You can contact Pastor Joel by calling CLC at 847.358.4600, or by emailing him:

Vera Wisniewski

Music Director
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Vera has a B.A. from Blackburn College, Carlinville, IL, is married to Michael and resides in Palatine. They have a son in Colorado, a daughter, son-in-law, and two young granddaughters residing locally. The word “praise” appears 363 times in the Bible (NIV).  The word “sing” appears 122 times.  Those statistics would indicate that we all need to be coming together to “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!” (Psalm 100).  Vera is grateful for the opportunity to minister to God’s people through music and is always looking forward to making a joyful noise with voices and instruments! She also holds Deaf Ministry close to her heart. Ask her how to make a joyful noise with your hands!

Ken Spengler

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Ken grew up in Chicago and taught chemistry at Palatine High School for 35 years. Music has always been a pleasant sideline for him. Ken began playing the organ at Christ Lutheran Church in 1967.

Debbi Fuller

Administrative/Financial Assistant
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Debbi grew up in a small town in the farthest northwest corner of Washington State. She has also lived in D.C. and Connecticut before landing here. She has had several careers from cutting hair to sales and marketing manager to educational sign language interpreting and finally as a special education teacher before become the administrative/financial assistant at Christ Lutheran Church. She and her husband Tom have been members of the Praise Band for several years. Their son, Zach was confirmed this past June and remains active in church activities including being the summer acolyte, air drumming and recently he added Bible Bearer to his church participation. Debbi appreciates everyone’s patience and kindness as she grows into her new responsibilities at Christ Lutheran Church.

Elise J. Motzny

Graphic Designer and Digital Media Coordinator
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Elise helps keep our web presence and church information current and up-to-date. She updates the church’s website, facebook page, and creates advertising images for missions groups and church functions. A Freelance Graphic Artist, she loves helping others expand their businesses on the web, and also with teaching them how to work with various applications and website management. Questions or would like her help? Contact her at her email above. You can also view some of her current works on her website: