Looking to expand your group of friends at church?  Familiar with faces, but not necessarily with people?  Know your service well…but maybe not those who attend at “the other” time?!  If there are women you’d like to get to know better, then read on!  

You may have heard the term “Spirited Women” around church.  This does refer to a Bible study group that meets on Monday evenings, but it also refers to you.  Each woman who attends Christ Lutheran Church is a “spirited” woman…sometimes in more ways than one!  We invite you to find new connections through new opportunities.  

First of all, whether you are already involved in a small group or not, please come check out the Monday night study group.  This is a diverse group of women, all of whom are welcoming.  At this time, we are meeting via Zoom Monday evenings, starting at 7:00 PM. Come join us!  We think you’ll become a regular if you give us a chance!   

Our group consensus is to have a bible based study on Monday evenings. 

INTERESTED in participating?   Read on!
1.  We will not be able to share books.  Each person will need to purchase their own copy.  ($7.50-$8.50, depending on how many are ordered.)  Directions for payment and pick up of books will be sent to participants.  2.  We will meet weekly, except holidays. 3.  We are asking that participants read through the bible verses during the week so we can go right to the discussion questions when we gather.  Some of you always did that anyway.  Obviously, life happens!  Everyone will have some week where they didn’t get to the reading.  Make sure you zoom anyway!  Many questions are life-based, faith-based. 

Still interested? Send an email for more info!



Seeking God’s Guidance
by Donald Baker

The Bible won’t give you a direct answer to each choice—or dilemma—you face. But the Bible will teach you how to make decisions wisely, confidently and in harmony with God’s will. This nine-session LifeGuide® Bible Study will introduce you to the Bible’s lessons on decisionmaking—and show you how to apply them to your own decisions, big and small.