American  Psychiatric Association reports in an article dated May 7, 2018: “Americans say they are more anxious than a year ago; baby boomers report greatest increase in anxiety.”

We are not the only ones, though, who have dealt with anxiety. Reading the Psalms reveals a people who also faced stress and experienced an anxious life.

In the month of August I am preaching four sermons from the Psalms. I hope to help you see the value of reading, studying and meditating on these timeless words. You may want to prepare by reading the Psalm beforehand. Aug. 5 – Psalm 46 – God is our Refuge; Aug. 12 – Psalm 91 – God is our Fortress; Aug. 19 – Psalm 121 – God is our Protection; Aug. 26 – Psalm 150 – God is our Praise.

Happy Reading!