Christ Lutheran is not the same congregation that it was in the 70’s, 80’s or even the 90’s. We are smaller and we have grown older. But that does not mean we are necessarily weak or that we are not needed in our community. Like I wrote a few weeks ago, we have some wonderful strengths. Among these are generous and hardworking volunteers.

We do need to be smart and focused in what we do together to make a difference in our community. It is far better that we choose wisely and do fewer ministries whole-heartedly. And in all we do, “put on love” as scripture reminds us.

Last week I shared our “Guiding Principles”, so now I share our five priorities: 1) Strengthening communication to increase awareness and involvement; 2) Deepening our spiritual lives to grow as disciples of Christ; 3) Enhancing relationships and small groups to help us be more connected with each other and the church; 4) Expanding senior ministry to relate to and involve a larger audience; 5) Working with individuals with special needs and their families to foster community and support.

I remind you again that these priorities are what you as a congregation asked us to focus on. Keep those sleeves rolled up as we continue to work together in God’s kingdom.