In a little over two weeks we gather on Christmas Eve for Worship with candlelighting and Holy Communion. Our choir will lead the service with beautiful carols and the message of hope about God coming into our world to restore our hope and assure us of forgiveness and salvation.

Join us at 4:00 PM or 9:00 PM and better yet, bring a friend and invite a neighbor to worship with you. Christmas is a time when many people are receptive to coming to church. Wonderful memories, sounds and sights warm the heart and comfort a battered soul. I encourage you to pray for one person to come with you, and then invite them to join you.

After the Christmas carols and reading of the familar story we gather together for Holy Communion. And yes, we cherish and enjoy together the wonderful tradition of singing “Silent Night” and lighting our candles in the darkened sanctuary. The tiny lights together fill the sanctuary with the light of Jesus Christ and it feels almost magical doesn’t it?

I certainly need a word of encouragement and hope as you do. And i rejoice in what God has done. Leaving the glory of heaven taking the form of a tiny babe to assure us that hope always defeats despair. Forgiveness always covers sin. Life always drives away death.

Join me and our fellowship on Christmas Eve. Worship and rejoice in the birth of Jesus Christ!