Electronic Giving is NOW Available

Please join a growing number of CLC members who are fulfilling their pledges electronically.

A simple application document, available in the Church office, directs our bank, Cornerstone National Bank, to transfer funds from the bank account you designate to CLC’s bank account via the ACH system (Automated Clearing House). Transfers can be made monthly, weekly or quarterly as you direct.

There are many mutual benefits to electronic giving:

  • Dependable cash flow to the Church
  • Less frequent or no use of our Line of Credit
  • Fewer per item transaction costs and fees to the Church
  • No check or transaction costs to you
  • You save the Church the cost of Offering envelopes
  • You add Advent, Lent, VBS, etc., to your pledge 

Pew envelopes will remain available. 

The Offering  will remain an integral part of the Liturgy.  

Electronic offering can be cancelled at any time.