Freedom in Christ

I am so excited about the messages I am planning for the summer. We are studying the book of Galations together, six chapters covered in 11 weeks. There are so many treasures in this short book, and we will discover them together. Can I ask you a small favor? Read these chapters several times over this summer, make notes and dwell on the beautiful phrases and words the Apostle Paul uses.

Freedom is a key idea in Galations. Freedom from the bondage of sin and freedom from the burden of trying to earn your salvation by your works. Also, freedom to serve God and your neighbor by works of love. Big difference from the burden of trying to please God by works and working for God from a sense of love for God. We will see the difference together.

So …. this Sunday get ready! Read chapter one, verse one to nine. Paul reminds us that his apostleship is from God, and he addresses the problem the Galations were experiencing. The gospel he preached to them was being distorted by false teachers, who insisted they become Jews first before they could follow Christ. Notice the extremely strong language he uses in these verses.

Here is an idea. We are providing a booklet with Galations printed for you, but it might be a good idea to bring your Bible with you. After all, Lutherans are known as people who love God’s Word!