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30 Years of Sermons

by CLCstaff

Sunday I celebrate my 30th anniversary of my ordination into ministry. 30 years of preaching means about 52 sermons each year, plus special services and funerals, weddings, etc… When I do the math the total is over 1700 sermons. Truth be told I remember very few as exceptional and great oratorical proclamations. So why did […]

God is with You!

by CLCstaff

We are celebrating with three college graduates and five High School graduates this Sunday at Christ Lutheran. We are proud of their accomplishments and pray for them as they take the next step in life. When I graduated from High School someone shared these verses with me from Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the Lord with […]

The book of Revelation

by CLCstaff

The book of Revelation in the Bible is probably the most misunderstood and least read of the all the scriptures. I remember one lady in the church saying to me, “I’m scared to read the book of Revelation”. The purpose of Revelation is not to scare anyone. The author had been exiled to the Island […]