Sunday I celebrate my 30th anniversary of my ordination into ministry. 30 years of preaching means about 52 sermons each year, plus special services and funerals, weddings, etc… When I do the math the total is over 1700 sermons. Truth be told I remember very few as exceptional and great oratorical proclamations. So why did I do it? Why did I, and why do I plan to continue to preach?

I’ll tell you why.

Preaching is a trust given by God. Entrusted with the message of Jesus Christ crucified and resurrected, we preachers carry on with joy and enthusiasm. If I were pressed to say what is the most important sermon to preach, it would be this. Jesus Christ died for your sin. God raised Jesus from the dead. Through Christ’s death and resurrection God transforms your life. Where despair, you will receive hope. Where lethargy, God will entice you to action for the good of your neighbor, and don’t forget the most important. When faced with death, there is life.

I don’t want to sound arrogant, but give me one sermon about Jesus, and ignore all the political speeches uttered by golden-mouth speakers. I don’t want to be inspired or enticed into voting for a politician. I want to be changed. I want to be transformed. I want to hear and receive the good news of Jesus Christ.

Yes 30 years of sermons is a lot of preaching! But Im not done yet. As long as there is breath in my body and spirit in my heart, I will continue to tell the story of God’s love in Jesus Christ.